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2014          2024


its year 2014! while growing up, i saw many movies and documentaries about vietnam, so i was dreaming to visit!

Holder of iraqi passport are eligible to apply for e-visa(permission letter)

Unfortunately there is no official webiste, but you can apply for it through online travel companies.


My personal experience:

I used this travel company, they were really fast & smooth in answering all my emails.

Pay close attention to visa requirements and travel dates, its not sponsored:

Visa fee change according to visa type, i paid $190, but you can pay extra $10 to get your approval letter by only your name, by email you will get the visa approved letter, print it out and later once i arrived at the airport i had to pay $50 for the visa sticker, dont forget to have 2 personal photos with you. remember these prices dated back to 2014, and later my friend costed him the same in 2018, but later they said they decreased the prices but i didnt catch up with the exact new prices.

on arrival at the airport, there are many immigration papers on the table, you have to fill it out, also here you can find a copy.

pay attention that tourist visa is single entry valid only for 25 days.

also your accomodation should be for your whole stay, get free cancelation while booking ur accommodation.

your flight tickets should also be confirmed with PNR.

after couple days, magic! i got the approval letter, and then flew!



Vietnam has launched its official E-visa platform, allowing citizens of Iraq to apply online as well.



the requirements are simple, and the visa fee is $25 for single entry, while $50 for multiple entries

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