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iraqi passport

Visa Experiences

I started my travels ten years ago, its been a long time, and this long mission couldn't be successful so far without the help of the people! 

10 years of fight for my right, I walked and knocked lots of embassies doors, applied, turned down, got refusal, access denied, got deported! But you know what, i will never give up! 

we might walk Slow but we will Never Stop neither look back! according to Article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: ''Everyone has the right to freedom of Movement''.

I dedicate all my visa experiences and stories to the holders of iraqi passport.

when I started I had no one to ask, neither an online source to check! but today all my knowledge is available for Free for all of you.

Just Go, Travel, together we gonna break their codes, their imaginary walls! Free Mind Free World!

if i can do it, then you can do it too! dont wait for a legend, you are the legend! 

Remember, I am a Tourist Not a Terrorist!


if you have any visa experiences with iraqi passport, kindly send me an email, write down "iraqi passport" in subject!

Together we will keep breaking those imaginary walls!

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