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South Africa

i searched on google for the south african ministry of foreign affair web site, the went on contact section and i wrote them an email about which south african embassy is responsible for iraqi citizens! 

magic, the replayed! and sent me the email address of their embassy in jordan which is responsible for holder of iraqi passports since there is no South African embassy in baghdad.

then i sent an email to the SA embassy in jordan and told them my story!

they were so cool, answered so quickly and told me that i can apply without having an invitation letter!

but, the process will be like this: first i have to send the documents by email. second, once i get approval, i have to fly to amman for visa interview and the hard original copies of the documents.



1. personal photo

2. passport bio page

3. filled application form (click to get a copy).

4. hold on flight tickets and accommodation (no need booking)!

5. 3 months bank statement 

6. travel insurance 

7. preferred to attach work support letter too!

8. visa fee

i sent everything by email, and after around 10 days they replayed: 

"you can come to Jordan with your passport, original documents and proof of payment."

i applied for Jordanian visa through a travel agent, got it back within 3 days! 

it was Ramadan 2017, i was fasting, flew from sulaymaniyah to amman, i arrived early in the morning and first headed to the bank to pay the visa fee which was $32, got the recipe and started walking around the google location of the embassy, no luck! couldnt find it! i was walking in circles! hahha

all of a sudden, a young Jordanian lady was driving around, and stopped then i asked me if i need any help!

i told her about my story. she told me to jump into her car, and drove around, called the embassy and dropped me right infront of the south african embassy which turned its located on the opposite block of the original google coordinator!

thanks alot from the bottom of my heart to that mysterious Jordanian lady with an angel heart!

once i ringed the bell of the embassy, got in, and a lady employee showed up, she told me: you are the iraqi traveler! i said: yes!

she took all the original documents, visa fee recipe, photo and passport, then told me to come tomorrow to pick up my visa sticker!

i told her that im fasting and wanna leave amman to visit petra today, and at the entrance of petra they will not let me in if i dont have my original passport!

she was very nice, told me to give her a moment to check with her boss!

after couple minutes she showed up and told me the process will take couple hours, i answered no problem but i appreciate it if you let me lay down on ur embassy sofa because i am fasting and didnt have good sleep last night!

she was very cool, told me to access another comfortable room, but i told her that the reception room sofa is totally fine. 

she left, and i laid down on the sofa.

after more than an hour, she showed up! magic, i got the sticker visa on my passport!

thanks alot from the bottom of my heart to the female employee at the south african embassy in amman!

i walked out from the embassy and was so happyyy, 3 months visa with multiple entry!

Consular Section of the Embassy of the Republic of South Africa in Amman, Jordan

Working Days : Sunday to Thursday

Consular Hours : 09:00am - 12:00pm

Telephone Number : +9626 592 1194 / +9626 592 2288



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