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i'm a tourist,

         not a terrorist!


EXPLORER Baderkhan Amer Badran

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5 minutes after your birth, they will decide your name, ethnicity, nationality, and your religion!

Some people will spend their entire lives fighting and defending things they didn't even choose!

These are things that we didn't work to attain but rather inherited from our ancestors!

Hello Beautiful People!

My name is Baderkhan, Baderkhan Amer Badran.

Born in Baghdad and raised in Kurdistan.

I was born to multicultural parents: a Kurdish mother from Sulaymaniyah and an Arab father from Baghdad!

I spent my early childhood between these two cities, immersed in two cultures.

Winters were in Baghdad for school, and summers in Kurdistan.

I began learning four languages in Baghdad, completed my primary and high school education there, then permanently moved to Kurdistan where I obtained my bachelor's degree in Pharmacy!

Growing up between two cultures was not easy; I often blamed my parents for this.

I experienced racism firsthand even before I understood its meaning!

For a kid, it became too much to handle!

As I grew up, I decided to work hard, to travel harder! From North Korea to Cuba, Iceland to South Africa! I have visited 77 countries with an Iraqi passport, which has been nicknamed the weakest passport in the world by the mass media!

Traveling to different parts of the world, connecting with people from various backgrounds, opened my eyes and broadened my worldview!

Then, it wasn't a decision, but a natural change. I dedicated my time to understanding and gaining confidence, along with persistence!

Yes, those two things are the best accessories; there is nothing else you need!

I am very lucky to be born as a Kurd/Arab!

You know how rare it is!

There is only a limited number of us in the world, and that's awesome!

Third-culture kids see their surroundings in 3D 👊😂

Dad & Mom, thank you ❤️ I will pass it on to my children 💪


Life is not always black & white; it's a million shades of grey!

After my travels around the world, I realized that people of the world are all the same! They love each other away from mass media poisons and politicians' lies! It's not different cultures but diverse cultures! We are all ancestors of Adam and Eve!

Nowadays, I see myself as a Global Citizen, and my motto as a Global Citizen who doesn't believe in man-made borders:

"One World One Big Family"

If you see me gone, take the flame from my hand and keep going! Hand in hand, we will make it a better world so everyone can be themselves away from discrimination!

People power is the strongest!



Shattering Stereotypes about Mesopotamia, Iraqi Passport and my Beard!
"One World, One Big Family"

Screen Shot 2021-12-12 at 1.19_edited.png

1. Building the FIRST and only index, an online Resource for Iraqi Passport Visa experiences.


Over 10 Years of my travel experiences dedicating for Free for the holders of iraqi passport, including all my visa experiences. beside that updating it with my fellow travelers.

And My Travel Motto is "I am a Tourist, Not a Terrorist"


Kindly head to

2. Travel Guide for Iraq Federal and Kurdistan Region, FIRST Local Guide Source.

In Depth Free Guide, knowledge and advices for traveling independently through Mesopotamia with up to date information through my eyes as a local!


Kindly head to


3. Hosting World Travelers through Couchsurfing and Culture exchange

Over 8 years of being a member of this global travel community, hosted/hangout/stayed with over hundred of global citizens.

beside that, since 2019 i got the position of "Iraq Ambassador" for my volunteering activities.


Kindly head to

4. Shattering stereotypes about Mesopotamia through my social media platforms, from Culture & traditions, History, Food, Music, Nature and People! And Collaborate with Global Content Creators.


Over 6 years of wide range activities through Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

Educating About the danger impact of Discrimination and Racism, and on the other side, spreading messages of Unite, Peace and Love through my Motto "One World, One Big Family".


To see the list of collaborate contents, kindly head to


5. Art of Travel

Showing the beauty of the people & world through my eyes through my lens, by making videos on Youtube! And creating contents on Instagram and Facebook to educate people and impact positive vibes. Instead of just blaming poisonous mass media and politicians, I take real actions not being a keyboard warrior!

Sharing my travel knowledge, including Travel advices, backpacking, meeting locals, and experiencing new cultures.

To inspire people for Real Traveling, connecting people, Accepting other Cultures, and hit the adventure road!

Showing the power of individual, how 1 person can impact on global level!

Individual power is the strongest.

My motto for this, -Mahatma Gandhi quote "be the change you want to see in the world".


6. Expeditions and Guiding through Mesopotamia

After sharing my diverse travels through Mesopotamia, people encouraged me to arrange expeditions and provide travel guiding service, so after getting so many requests decided to arrange our First Expeditions in October 2021, then Second Expedition in January 2022 and Third one on March 2022, decided to continue for more expeditions and individual travels.


Exploring in a new way like never before!

We are passionate expert locals, from Group Expeditions, to private tailored tours! We will experience together hidden places, and off limits sights across the Cradle of Civilization! From historical temples, to Cultural sites, Art centers, Spiritual Mosques, and delicious Food along the rhythm of Music! Get an eye opening Experience of Mesopotamia in a unique meaningful way through Local eyes that will change your prospective toward not just our country but it will be a life changing experience for you!

See, Smell, Feel and listen to first hand stories! and make unforgettable memories away from mass media stereotypes!


Kindly for more details check out

you can check our Adventurers reviews on this link.

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breaking borders

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My Travel History

to add your flag to my travel history, kindly provide me with an invitation letter! hahha YES, so i can apply for your country visa!

ONE World ONE Love ONE Big Family


Let's talk

any messages related to asylum seeking and migration will not be answered!

lets travel talk and explore the world!

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