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Mesopotamian AdventureS

iraq  and  kurdistan region

☀8 days   ☾ 7 nights
Baghdad, Babylon, Samara, Karbala, UR, Marshlands

After getting so many motivational messages, and our Successful first adventure expedition on October 2021, Second Expedition on Jan 2022, Third Expedition on March 2022, Fourth Expedition on May 2022 and Fifth Expedition on June 2022, then decided to continue with arranging more Iraq Adventure Expeditions! you can check our Adventurers reviews on this link.

I am a hyper person and love anything related to travels!

I am not a tour guide, but its my passion and my mission to break stereotypes about my passport and my homeland which led me to arrange expeditions not classic tours along with my Energetic Workmates for Flexible YES Explorers.

Not through international travel agency, but leading by my energetic wokmates and I, by Real Resilience Locals!



Expedition Itinerary:

Day One is arrival and chill day, hotel check in at 2pm (if you would like to do earlier checkin it will be on your own expenses) while adventures start on Day two morning, till Day 8 evening.

Basic Itinerary: Day 1 afternoon Arrival to Baghdad, Day 2 Baghdad, Day 3 Baghdad, Day 4 Samarra and overnight in Karbala, Day 5 Karbala and overnight in Karbala, Day 6 Babylon, UR and overnight with locals in the Marshlands, Day 7 Head back to Baghdad and overnight in Baghdad, Day 8 Baghdad and departure for first part adventurers

The Expedition starts and ends in Baghdad (the extended part ends in Erbil, Kurdistan).

Reminder you are a Team Player, and understand that plans sometimes change depends on road trip details and Political situations.

but we will try to cover these cities: Baghdad, Babylon, Samara, Karbala and Marshlands.

Who Can apply?

no age restrictions! but only FLEXIBLE Yes Adventurers.



1. super flexible, YES person, fun and fearless! a person who want to learn new things, and step out of your comfort zone.

2. Schedule and plans might change on last minute due to random issues.

3. Respecting and Understanding of vast cultural differences!

4. after getting selected, €500 payment to secure your spot, Non Refundable, through Money Gram. First come first served basis. the rest of the payment on day One of arrival.


A. If you agree with the requirements then check next step.

B. After reading this, so you have a general idea about the adventure Road trip, Now its our turn to know about you!

Send me an EMAIL:

write EXPEDITION in subject, answering these questions below:

  1. Your name/age/sex/citizenship.

  2. Traveling Solo, couple or married.

  3. Travel history, and travel type(adventure/backpacker/luxury/solo/group).

  4. Whats your main goal for travels (history/people/food/music/culture/beliefs/traditions, etc).

  5. Are you super flexible, Yes person, fun and fearless person?

  6. Itinerary might change on last minute, but we will make sure to do the best to cover everything and more.

  7. Beside travel passion, do you have any hobbies or professional work that can benefit the adventurous international group on the road trip.

Selection of candidates depends on diversity and interesting individual stories! So we will build not just a team of Adventurers but also a world wide explorers Family.

+We will review each applicant separately,

+Then Selection process

+then final confirmation


Selection will take couple days, so be patient, since we wanna gather YES positive energetic explorers.



  1. VIP express welcome, hassle free, escorting through visa process and Baghdad Airport Transfers.

  2. All Entry fees.

  3. English speaking team, Leading by me along my Energetic workmates.

  4. All Transportation (comfortable).

  5. Premium Accommodation twin shared room (single extra €40 per day).

  6. local experience overnight with a local family in a reed hut in the Marshlands

  7. Internet connection through wifi hotspot.

  8. All meals, Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner. including Diverse Local cuisine and also western food.

  9. Social Media shout out.

  10. Professional photographer.

  11. Scarf & Abaya for women.

  12. Arabic men clothes, "dishdasha".

  13. FREE water, fruits, juices, sweets, snacks.

  14. FREE sim card with 3 gigabyte internet package.

  15. two iraqi souvenirs per person.

  16. Some random things too on the go.


  1. shopping & own expenses.

  2. Visa cost ($77) & PCR test (if you have vaccine certificate with QR code then its enough for both arrival and departure).

  3. International flights tickets

  4. Insurance (dont fly in without travel insurance)


So in general you just need to spend money for shopping! Cuz almost everything is covered.

What will you get awarded:

  1. Eye opening experience through the eyes of locals not through international travel agents. Locals not Global Corporates.

  2. adventurous way of exploring with Fun and lots of laughters!

  3. we lived through out Saddam Hussein regime, so will introduce you to backstory of pre and after the regime.

  4. In-depth learning about local History, Culture, Beliefs, Traditions, Music, Food and most importantly People of iraq!

  5. Breaking stereotypes! Real travels, A life time memory from the cradle of civilization, Mesopotamia.

  6. If you are into social media! Then I will show you the best picturesque spots!


Feel free if you have any special need, Requests or interesting site you would like to cover, beside that if you have any diseases, or cant walk for couple kilometers. Also about food allergy. (1).png

Trip Date

iraq adventure expedition

Soon (8 Days, 7 Nights)

Daily Activity Time:

around 8:30am - 8:30pm, depends on the activities.

Group Size:

quality over quantity




All Inclusive Expedition



  1. Is it safe? iraq is a security state, and has a bad reputation. However somehow its much stable than what the mass media shows you! Since changing visa rules in March 2021 no major issue happened. and no foreigners faced any major troubles. 

  2. Is it ok for women? Yes very safe! Just follow local dress code culture, and scarf/long robe in designated areas.

  3. i am a Vegetarian, can i enjoy? of course Yes, just inform us to introduce you to iraqi vegetarian cuisine options & international too.

Screen Shot 2021-12-12 at 3.07_edited.png

This is an adventure, things might go wrong and if they do, i will be there to solve problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.

You will get out of this trip what you put into it: a positive attitude, willingness to get to know the locals and enthusiasm are all important. Iraqis are very kind, hospitable and respectful.

We might have long walks, late sleep, long journeys. And you will see heavy military presence. This is part of the adventure expedition.



after finishing our 8 days 7 nights Adventure Expedition, some of our adventurers will extend and explore Mosul with us! and then finishing in Erbil, Kurdistan Region.

so let us know about your thoughts so we can connect all of you together for the extended Mosul trip, and independently Kurdistan Region

Extending Your Trip

مدينة نمرود الاثارية جنوب شرق الموصل_edited.png

Extended Mosul adventure

Day 8

Dinner in Baghdad

Overnight in Baghdad


Day 9

Breakfast in the hotel

Early departure from Baghdad

Long drive, over 5 hours

takeaway lunch and snacks

Visiting Hatra historical site (depends on archeologists permission)

Arriving in Mosul and Hotel Check in

Dinner and Exploring Mosul at night

Overnight in Mosul


Day 10

Breakfast in mosul

Early morning exploring of old Mosul

Check out and Departure at Midnoon

takeaway lunch and snacks

Driving toward Kurdistan

Visiting Lalish Sacred Temple

Farewell Dinner in Erbil

End of the trip around 6 pm


dOUBLE Click on the footages to have a glimpse of the expeditions
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