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couple months ago i tried to the evisa, i applied online, but never go an answer!

while i was in livingstone Zambia, which is a border town, i said let me try my luck to visit zimbabwe too or as local call it Zim.

it was around 8 am in the morning, along with my zambian friend we crossed the border bridge between zambia and zimbabwe, i got my exit stamp from zambian side and headed to the Zimbabwe side.

i passed my passport to the Zim immigration officer. he gave me a visa application to fill it, and then looked at the documents next to his face, then he turned his face to me.

the officer: iraq is on list C

me: what does it mean (i knew we need proper visa from the embassy but tried my luck)?

the officer: you need proper visa apply online but it will take couple days

me: i did already, but never go an answer.

the officer: try again, or visit the embassy in zambia

me: do you have express visa service here?

the officer: (he looked at the long line of people behind me, then looked into my eyes) you came in a wrong time! (i think he meant that he would pass me by a bribe) 

me: keep my passport with you, i will just do rafting on the zim side then when i finish after couple hours i will comeback here.

the officer: no

me: is there any solution

the officer: no, and now i have to stamp denial entry on your passport 

me: omg, please dont! if you do then i will face alot of troubles for future travels.

the officer: give me a tip

me: i dont have any cash (i didnt want to pay a bribe and on top of that i didnt get visa)

(but my passport was in his hand and about to stamp it)

me: wait wait, let me search in my pockets maybe i have some.

the officer told me to put it below the visa application paper.

i found $5 and putted it under the paper and passed it to him

the officer: this is too little

me: please just help me, all i wanted to do was helping local economy and do rafting on zim side!

the officer: hmmm, ok i will just stamp your visa application paper because your name is already on the system.

(after stamping the visa application paper, he passed me back the passport clean)

i breathed heavily and thanked God for didnt get the denial stamp on my passport, then went back to the zambian side. my local friend too my passport to the immigration and removed my exit stamp, they just signed on the exit stamp and thats it!

welcome back to zambia! see you later Zimbabwe

official web site of Zimbabwe Evisa:

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