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back in 2017 officially all world citizens are eligible to apply online.

I applied, but got no answer! hello!

so while i was traveling in pretoria, i visited the zambian embassy and asked for tourist visa! they told me to apply online!

2 guys was standing at the reception, and a lady close by. 

i told them about my experience that i didnt get any answer from the official online website. then i asked for express visa service here at their embassy! the lady went away, then one of the guys told me he can do it for me by around $100, he also told me about the story of a Palestinian traveler that he helped him to get evisa too!

then i asked for discount, so we made a deal by $80

he walked with me to the internet cafe across the street and we applied on the official zambian evisa web site, i told him i'm worry that it wont work just like my previous time. but he told me to not worry, since he has friends at the visa center so he will make sure that i will get. 

we filled the online application, then submitted it.

they were so nice, both guys at the Zambian embassy reception gave me their whatsapp numbers, i paid them then left.

thanks alot for both gentlemen at the zambian embassy reception, without your honesty i wouldnt be able to travel to zambia.

after 2 weeks i didnt get email from the Zambian Evisa web site, then i texted the whatsapp number of the zambian who filled my application, he was surprised that i didnt get it! then he did magic, and next day boom i got my evisa!

I flew to Zambia from Mozambique, open arriving in Livingstone airport, i paid $80 visa fee for double entry.  

November 2022 UPDATE​

Surprisingly, As of 1st November 2022, visa requirements were waived for iraqi tourists. 

According to the the zambian immigration official website, iraqi citizens do not require visas to enter Zambia. However, just like other non-citizen and non-residents arriving in Zambia by Air, they  must be in possession of valid return air tickets. Those arriving by land and water must have enough funds for their stay in and departure from Zambia.

official web site of Zambia Evisa:

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