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visiting central asia was a dream, well everywhere is a dream for me hahha

so when i entered russia, i started to do lots of research, and contacted so many uzbekistan travel agents, but once they know that i hold an iraqi passport they would stop answering me! after so many tries i ended up with a cool guy, who accepted to provide me with an invitation letter to secure my visa! 

they asked for lots of documents, work support letter, my FAN ID, and some other documents.

i sent it, and he charged me more than normal price, but i was so eager to get one because all other denied even answering me hahahah he charged me $80 for the invitation letter and visa processing!

i asked him to send the visa approval to their embassy in moscow, since for us we need to pick up our visa in any uzbekistan embassies around the world.

when i arrived at their embassy in moscow, i showed my visa approval number to an employee their, he then asked me for a personal photo, and also to pay visa fee too! i paid it then after 15 minutes magic! i got uzbekistan visa sticker on my passport! single entry for 30 days!

i flew from moscow to tashkent, the russian side asked me lots of question before letting me board my flight but they were really professional and nice!

when i landed in tashkent, everything was smooth! welcome to uzbekistan the gateway to central asia and the silk road!

nowadays local agencies provide it by around $40, visa processing around 2 weeks.

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