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United arab emirates

its year 2012, my brother working in UAE since couple years, so i decided to spend my saving on some travels and visit him! UAE online visa was so easy costed around $90 through any Travel agency and got it back within few days, evisa, single entry visa for 30 days, requirements were, passport bio page, return tickets, along with my work support letter and a personal photo! 

till now, UAE is one of the easiest visas for iraqi citizens!

in late 2019, while i had transit in dubai, i tried to get transit visa on arrival, but we are not eligible for transit visa, only visit visa. so get proper visa if you wanna experience UAE.

UAE consulate in Erbil:

Phone number: +9647505819999  /  +9647505544444

Email: /

Location: Masif Salahaddin main Road, Mass City, Vila No.174

UAE embassy in Baghdad:

Address:international Zone (Dijla complex) -behind the USA Embassy-villa (1,2)

tel: +971-261-85777


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