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my first destination as an adult! i was 20 years old when my big brother invited me to join his summer holiday along with his wife and sister!

it was year 2007, and my first time to fly! that time turkish visa was so easy! buy a flight ticket and you will get an evisa!

later on both governments decided to demolish visa, so it became free visa on arrival!

after couple years i applied through a turkish visa service center in my city, sulaymaniyah, i attached my work support letter, bank statement, got a one year multiple visa, which costed over $100 including the insurance which issued by the center!

I traveled to turkey many times, and used istanbul airport as a hub for my international travels to get cheap flights. beside 2007, i also visited on 2012, 2014, 2017 and 2019!

depends on the political situation, sometimes turkey make it really hard to obtain visa! force to get a sticker visa with alot of documents! 

but when the political situation becoming fine, then visa issue becoming easy!

If you have valid schengen/UK/USA visa, you will be eligible to apply for online visa, through this link:


Evisa will be valid for 6 months for total stay of 30 days

at the moment, holder of iraqi passport can apply for sticker visa through Turkish Visa Center, first get an appointment then take all the required documents (for update information call the Centers which mentioned below).

Jan 2022 UPDATE:

Tourist Visa Requirements:

According to the new measures taken due to the current pandemic, the following instructions must be done upon entry to turkey:


  1. a negative PCR test result made in the last 72 hours before the flight should be printed out or saved on the phone / tablet.

  2. In the last 72 hours before flight "entry turkey form" must be filled on "" link. The completed form should be printed out or saved to the phone / tablet.

applicants can also book appointments through the website of the Visa Application Center and visit the following address to obtain Turkish visa.


through official Turkish Visa Centers

Requirements: (or click here to get the Kurdish Version in Details)

1. passport with no less than 6 months validity 

2. National ID 

3. Ration Card

4. Information card

4. Work support letter

5. two personal photos 5x6cm

6. bank statement, car\property ownership certificate. 

NORMAL visa fee service $115

VIP visa fee service $215

passport delivery inside city fee $10

passport delivery outside city fee $15


starting 16th of july, Turkish authorities decided to increase the visa fee service by $10 more!

February  2023 UPDATE by Halat Jaff

First Call to get an appointment.

then on your appointment day, take these Requirements (click here). KURDISH VERSION

February  2023 UPDATE

NORMAL visa fee service $135-$140

VIP visa fee service $215

First Call to get an appointment.

then on your appointment day, take these Requirements (click here). ARABIC VERSION

April  2023 UPDATE

Visa fees increased

applying for 3 months visa, visa fee is $135

applying for 6 months visa, visa fee is $165

applying for 1 year visa, visa fee is $185


Turkish Visa center in Sulaymaniyah:

titanic hotel, Malik Mahmood ring road

tel 0772 995 4444

Turkish Visa center in Erbil:

Gulan Street, Gulan Park Tower, Ground Floor، Bakhtiari

tel 066 211 1919

Turkish Visa center in Basrah:

El Bradiye 319. Mah. 7., Sokak No 10

tel 0781 284 20 55

Turkish Visa Center in Kirkuk:

Nour City 2 No: 223, Nearby Baba Gurgur Park

tel 0772 995 4444

Turkish Visa center in Baghdad:

behind the turkish embassy, infront of al mustansiriya hospital, Wazirya quarter

Turkish consulate in Erbil:

tel +964662246233


Location:  Gulan Street, Ster Tower, Floor 11

Turkish embassy in Baghdad:



tel: 00964 790 110 8656 

location: Al Waziriyah 2/8, Bag

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