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its year 2013, my best friends decided to travel to thailand, i applied separately, requirments was personal photo, national ID, personal photos and visa fee which costed around $90!

but its a long process, it took 2 months to get the visa sticker in my passport by the embassy of thailand in amman!

visa is valid for 3 months, single entry for 1 month stay! 

i flew to Bangkok 2 days after getting my visa! thailand is so crazy full of beauty and it made me infected with travel viral bug!

i flew from my hometown transiting in doha all the way to Bangkok, immigration officers were nice.

Jan 2022 UPDATE:

same rules, same fee! and still take 2 months! visa service increased to around $110.

Royal Thai Embassy, Amman, Jordan:


UPDATE May 2024:

same rules, visa fees around $85 

Requirements: Three photos and passport

it takes 1 month for visa approval then need to send the passport for 2 weeks to get the sticker visa

the whole process will take around 2 months

visa is valid for 3 months, with 1 month stay

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