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until 2018 holder of iraqi passport were eligible for Visa on Arrival!

on October 2017, i flew from Moroni, to Dar es salaam. upon arrival i walked to the visa fee window, they told me first i had to get permission from the immigration officer.

i walked to him, then we started our interesting talk!

the immigration officer: why are you traveling?

me: it's my hobby and passion! i am on a long backpacking trip around south and east Africa. 

the immigration officer: hmmm, where did you flew from and where are you going next!

me: moroni, comoros, later will go to Mozambique(i had valid Mozambique sticker visa already in my passport).

the immigration officer: where is your flight ticket to Mozambique!

me: hmmm. i will travel overland by bus! 

the immigration officer stoped for a minute then gave me a green light to get visa on arrival.

so i went to the Visa on arrival window, paid my visa fee which was $50, then got my sticker and later stamp! single entry for 90 days!


unfortunately, since Sep 2018 due to racist policy by the Tanzanian government they withdraw iraq from visa on arrival. nowadays, holder of iraqi passport must apply online before their travels, on top of that they should have an invitation letter!

for up to date details and online applying, kindly visit their official web site:

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