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always wanted to combine my travels to Egypt and Sudan together, so when i decided to visit Egypt, i tried my best to secure sudanese visa! but it was full of bumps, as fellow:

1. Emailed the Sudanese embassy in Baghdad, but they didnt replay!

2. called them, but they didnt answer!

3. i drove to baghdad to visit their embassy, but the location was wrong hahha i kept driving in circles but no luck!

4. i asked my sudanese friend to try to get me an online sudanese visa, but it didnt work.

4. i flew to cairo, July 2021, then i went to the sudanese embassy in cairo! 


1. consulate service working hours 9am-12pm, get the tourist visa application at the embassy, fill it. then copy it from the shop outside (since the one inside was broken)!

2. a printed copy of passport bio page.

3. 2 photos.

4. printed hotel booking or invitation letter from a friend, actually i had a sudanese friend, mayin wrote me an invitation letter and i printed it and attached it. 

5. no need residency in Egypt to apply. but just print out your Egyptian visa sticker on your passport. 

6. wait for like 30 minutes to hear calling your name, then if you get green light, they will ask you to pay the visa fee.

6. $150 tourist visa fee. 

7. i went back after 2pm and boom i got visa sticker, valid for 3 months, just 1 month stay. 


Embassy of Sudan in Baghdad

Telephone Number : 07717729469 - 07809197539 - 07713955550


Embassy of Egypt in Cairo

Working Days : Sunday to Thursday, 9am-12pm and collecting your passport after 2pm

Telephone Number : +20 2 27949661

address : 7-11 Ahmed Al Shatouri, Ad Doqi, Dokki, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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