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One of the most respectful authorities around the world. 

Easy smooth online process to apply for holder for almost all nationalities including holder of iraqi passports



1. Access their web site:


2. Choose language and click on apply.


3. Choose agree and then choose your type of visa, Tourist visa, apply for an individual. 


4. Then fill the application with your passport information. Make sure that all information to match your passport information.


5. Follow the smooth process, and then make payment by your credit card (accept visa/mastercard) Visa fee around $36 (non refundable).


6. Later on you will get a code, write it down. And also you will get an email confirmation about your payment, along with your visa application track number (which you can track it easily through their website). 


7. It depends, but usually your Electronic visa will get issued within maximum 3 days! Most people will get it within a day! I got it after couple hours. 


8. Print out your electronic visa, and travel! 

Your visa is for two time entries, valid for 6 months.

I traveled there on January 2019

(Kindly check their official website, which I mentioned above, for up to date information)

UPDATE July 2023

visa fee increased to 52 US dollars (non refundable).

Srilankan consulate in Erbil:

tel: 009647504500770


address: Italian Village 2, number 253

Srilankan Embassy in Baghdad:

address: Al Mansour-Al Da Sector 611- Street 34 – House 12

tel: 07704715367

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