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SoutH Korea

its year 2015, when i got the japanese visa i said let me try to get the south korean too, contacted their consulate in erbil, they said only business visa is available! one of my good friends provided invitation letter for business, awesomeeee! after like 10 days! magic! the south korean consualte in erbil issued our visa! single entry for a month! 

i flew from tokyo to seoul, when we arrived, the immigration officer when he looked at my passport he asked for the number of the invitation letter provider hahahahahha i was so confused and looked at my travel mate! so we showed him an iraqi local number he kept talking to us but later he was so nice stamped it! welcome to seol!


nowadays, its still hard to get the visa but not impossible, click on the link below to access to the official website of the South Korean embassy in baghded visa section:

South Korean Consulate in Erbil:

tel: 009647504936316

Email: /


Location: Rotana Hotel

South Korean Embassy in Baghdad:

address: green zone, dijla complex, villa w5

tel: 07817055724 – 07901259756


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