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my first completely solo trip was in the summer of 2013 to here, to singapore! continuing my south east asia backpacking trip which started in thailand then malaysia and end up here!

singapore visa was easy one! all i had to provide was a personal photo! through a travel agency, costed me around $100, they told me if they ship the visa sticker to my home town it will cost me extra $50 but i told to give me another cheap option! which was picking up my visa in kuala lumper for half the price!

so after 2 weeks from applying, i collected my visa from an arabic travel agency next to the time square mall in kuala lumper!

i flew from kuala lumper, open arrival in singapore changi airport, it was so modern airport that i jumped on random airport train and ended up in a random terminal while i tried to pass immigration, they told to go to another terminal! so when i arrived at the new immigration counter, while standing at the immigration counter, a lady showed up and took my passport, she started to ask me questions!

i had no clue that this was an immigration officer, i was standing surprised and trying to get back my passport while she was asking me questions regarding whats my travel plans and my work and how ling i am gonna stay hahahha i was answering randomly didnt know that i had to get approval from her first to get the green light hahahha she was so nice, handed me my passport back and said: welcome to singapore!

Local agencies do it, cost around $105, requirement just passport with personal photo, processing around 2 to 3 weeks, evisa!

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