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its year 2015, i got 2 sticker visas in my passport for japan and south korea, wanted to get my final Visa sticker before leaving on my long journey! 

went all the way to the philippine embassy in baghdad, it was hot summer day, the guard at the embassy said we cant welcome you because you didnt make an appointment! i told him i came from sulaymaniyah city which is far farway from here! he said no exception! after long chit chat, he let us in! we met an employee out there he asked for our documents, including bank statement! i had an old copy of the bank statement which written on it the embassy of japan!

i handed him all the random documents, he went through all, then he suddenly got pissed of by the bank statement hahahha because its mentioning japan hahhahahah he gave us back all our documents and the other employee told us to prepare our documents properly and visit again but we have to email them before our visit to get an appointment.

after a week we prepared the documents, as usual, passport, photo, work support letter, insurance, hold on flights and accommodation, plus visa fee which were $40.

went all the way there again, did visa interview, then the cool consular told me i can write down the name of someone to pick up my passport instead of coming by myself again.

so after 10 days, i got my visa sticker, valid for 3 months single entry for 30 days.

the official web site of the philippine embassy in baghdad(yes its a free website on wordpress):

up to date requirments:

i flew from seol to manila, and didnt face any problems with the immigration.

Embassy of Philippines in Baghdad:

address: alJadriyah, Babel Qu, Sector 915 -Street 22 – House 4&4 /1D

tel: 07714709842

email:  /

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