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North Korea

I never would imagine in my life that i could visit North korea! 

I was traveling in south korea in 2015, while visiting the DMZ from South korean side, i had the first glimpse of north korea! i said wish i could visit one day! there were some people around me and told me its possible but only through some designated travel agents!

after my South Korean trip, i said Hello Google! searched deeply and ended up with a tour, the funny thing was when i found about it, it was the last day to apply! without thinking twice i paid online!

later i started to think about it! what did i do!

the problem is that everyone can travel either from china or russia, the agent i used based in beijing, so i had to get a chinese visa too! omg i have no time because it take like 2 months to secure china visa!

long short, it was winter 2016, i flew to kuala lumper, then Long short story flew to Beijing with no chinese visa hahha

again long short story, after very long process miracle happened! thanks to the Chinese immigration officers, i board my flight to pyongyang!

North Korea give visa to almost all nationalities! its a tourist card, valid only for trip dates! included with the agent cost!

i spent 9 days, 5 with the group and 4 solo! it was one of the most eye opening trips in my life!

the funny part was when i flew from pyongyang to beijing hahahahahha a long story that hopefully i will write about it in the future hahahha

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