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well were should i start hahha

long short story in 2015, i visited the neplaese embassy in kuala lumpur malaysia, yangon myanmar!

guess what? iraq is on a black list! 

i talked to the visa consular in KL, at the beginning he said its easy, but when he knew i hold iraqi passport he apologized said iraq is on a special list that we cant give you visa!

i told him that we have so many nepalese expat back in my country, why its easy for you guys to visit my country while i cant! 

he told me that couple years ago some nepalese got killed in iraq, also because of the security situation of iraq my government decided to make it difficult for iraqis to apply!

so simply i left!

while i was in yangon, myanmar. i decided to visit the nepalese embassy in yangon.

at the reception the lady told me that iraq on a referral list, she showed me the list, it contained around 10 countries hahahahhaha i asked her to let me talk to the visa consular, she told me to come back tomorrow because he is not here at the moment.

tomorrow morning, i went back, passed the reception and entered the embassy, walked toward the consular section, i talked to his secretary, she went to tell the consular, then came back and asked me to hand her my passport.

after couple seconds, yes seconds hahahhaha she walked out of the consualr office and came to me gave me my passport and told me NO, there is no way we can help bye. hahahahhahahaha

in 2019, an iraqi friend of mine, visited the nepalese embassy in KL, and got same answer!

so time pass with no change of visa rules hahahhaha

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