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i was walking in pretoria embassies neighborhood randomly, i saw a house with a flag, got closer and it turned out its the namibian embassy. on the wall next to the embassy they putted all the different visa requirements. i was looking for a loop a way that can get me in without too much headache, then all of a sudden a gentleman from the embassy came to me, and asked me how he can help me (probably he saw starring at the documents wall for so long hahhaha).

i told him my story, and told him i was thinking about applying for namibian transit visa, he told me your purpose is not enough to get it, and he gave me an advice of not applying for transit visa, because he is sure i will get denial (i think he was a consular hahahhaha), he looked at me and said postpone your trip to the time you provide an invitation letter with strong papers. 

so i thanked him and left!

see you later Namibia

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