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after watching pictures of Bagan, and continues news about the conflict in myanmar or as most famously known world wide as Burma, i wanted to visit so eagerly!

remember when i told you that i used malaysia as the base of my travels around the world! summer 2015, early in the morning i walked to some random embassies in kuala lumper and after begging so many embassies i ended up at myanmar embassy. i walked in, at the nick of time, almost they were about to close the window of visa section, i stood at the window and started talking to the 

me: hello i know its so late, but i really wanna apply as soon as possible.

the visa consular: it fine you made at the nick of time

me: i wanna apply for myanmar visa, and here is my passport!

the visa consular: let me see, oh you are from iraq! so when you wanna visit!

me: (in shock) as soon as i get my visa!

the visa consular: ok it will cost around $35 

me: is it refundable in case of denial?

the visa consular: no, but dont worry almost everyone get it! 

me: here you go!

the visa officer: come back after 3 pm to pick up your passport!

i left and dying from happiness, i couldnt imagine it was so easy process! they didnt ask for any requirments wow it was just so easy hahaha but i dont think i will get it!

exactly at 3pm, i came back to the embassy! walked in and asked to collect my passport!

i asked if i got the visa, the employee said i dont know, so i grabbed my passport and looked at it!

yesss, i got it! single entry with 30 days stay! 

wowowowowow, i couldnt believe it! 

guess what? i flew next day from kuala lumper to yangon, with ZERO plan! i had no clue about whats traveling look like out there! hahahahaha

i passed the immigration without any extra questioning!

spent 3 amazing weeks backpacking around this beautiful land!

Address: No.289, Jalan Ampang Hilir, Desa Pahlawan, 55000 Ampang, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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