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officially all nationalities are eligible for visa on arrival!

but i didnt want to test it!

so while i was in Pretoria, South Africa. i visited their embassy! 

i met a very cool female counselor, i told her about my passion to travel. she was very sympathetic, told me to go to a specific bank and pay the visa fee (which i think was around $50) then bring back the recipe plus accommodation reservation. i rash to the bank, i paid through a machine infront of the bank! printed my hostel reservation for seven days! then head back to the embassy, filled the application.

then next day, boom i got my visa sticker, but it was valid for 2 months, single entry for only 7 days stay, yes only 7 days because i had only 7 days hostel reservation.

thanks alot from the bottom of my heart to that female counselor at the mozambique embassy in pretoria, Sep 2017!

i flew from Tanzania to Mozambique, open arrival my visa got stamped and guess what i was so thankful that i got my sticker visa on advance! because unfortunately the immigration/police system of Mozambique was so corrupted! i would imagine that they would charge me alot plus asking for bribe!

hopefully now things are getting better. 

last words, if you have confirmed return tickets and confirmed accomodation, then you can try your luck with the visa on arrival! but remember, you might get scammed or you have to pay bribe.

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