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reading about history is my passion!

while i was in russia back in 2018, i wanted to take the advantage to visit mongolia, it would be cheaper for me to travel there.

i contacted so many mongolian travel agents but didnt get any responses hahahahah

then i walked into the mingolian embassy in moscow, but they told that i should get proper invitation letter.

so i started again and trying with all social platforms, i got an answer from one out of 1000 hhahahaha 

so they decided to help me, i sent all my documents to them, but they were so slow in answering blaming the mongolian immigration for this. 

the agent had to apply my visa application, then they will send it to any one of their embassies around the world to get it!

i stucked 10 days in moscow, i was visitng the mongolian embassy on daily basis for any result, but nothing! and the travel agent was keep telling me no response yet, just try to visit the mongolian embassy in moscow again and again!

i lost my mind hahahahah

i booked a flight from moscow to ulaan baatar mongolia.

on the day of my flight, in the morning i got a message that my ticket got canceled!

i ran to the airport, and got last minute ticket spent almost my cash on it!

at the checkin counter, they asked me for mongolia visa! i acted dump and just showed them my simple invitation letter from the company (hahhahaha) they were so confused i showed them my return ticket then they let me get my boarding pass!

after 7 hours i landed in Chinggis Khaan Airport!

funniest part when i handed my passport the immigration officer hahahah

he got shocked and asked me for my visa hahhahahah

i said i have an invitation letter (the random one i got simply) hahahha

they escorted me to the interrogation room, and asked for the phone number of the invitation provider!

the officer called her, and started shouting on her hahahahahha i didnt know should i laugh or get worried hahhahahahahha

later the officer asked for my tag number, then he told me to stay at the corner infront of the immigration counter, then he left with my passpot.

couple officers were standing next to me, so i started talking to them hahahha and asked them whats their recommendations for places to check in ulaan baatar and other beautiful places around their country, they start smiling hahah i said whats wrong?

they said we dont think you will pass the immigration!

i said why not, i already have an invitation letter and no reason to deny!

then a tall officer showed up with my passport and asked me to walk with him! 

i started to walk with him, then i saw he is taking me back through the long corridor! 

it turned out that he was deporting me!

i told him why you are deporting me my flight was so expensive and i have already an invitation letter!

he said that the travel agent was not professional and now i have to fly back to moscow! i told him but genkiz khan when he came to iraq he not just didnt have visa but even came without passport. but the officer ignored me hahahahhaha

he gave me back my passport, and told me to move inside the plane! the he left me at the enterance of the plane!

i walked slowly and turned back to see if he disappeared, then walked back little bit to get the wifi signal!

i wanted to get connected, to text my family and tell them that i got deported so my family wont get scared because i will be offline for the next 7 hours!

but the funniest part, while walking slowly back, i was looking at the wifi signal trying to get connected, but no chance, all of a sudden i raised my head then i bumped into the officer he was looking at me ahahhahahahahahha and told me to get back to the aircraft! i told him i just wanna get wifi to tell my family i am fine. but he escorted me to inside the aircraft hahahahahha

then i flew for 7 hours back home to moscow with a broken heart!

beside my deportation, i left with only little money! because i spent almost everything on my flight ticket!

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