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Visa on Arrival for almost all nationalities 



  1. Return confirmed ticket

  2. Accommodation reservation 


My Experience:

I flew from Johannesburg, to Antananarivo.

During checkin in Johansberg, nobody asked me for Madagascar visa. 

On arrival at Antananarivo airport, i was praying that i wont get any troubles and get deported. 

First i passed my passport to an officer, he asked for the visa fee without any further questions. Then i gave it.

Again Stood in the line, Then i gave my passport to the immigration officer he looked at it and then he showed my passport to his colleague, he replied: "yeah its fine"!

My heart was beating over! 

The officer stamped my passport and gave it back to me! 30 days single entry.

Welcome to Madagascar! 

So yeah almost all Nationalities are eligible for visa on arrival! 

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