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one of the most respectful governments in the world, they let almost all nationalities to apply online for evisa!

official lesotho evisa website:


1. passport bio page with not less than 6 months expiry date.

2. photo.

3. travel insurance.

4. work support letter.

5. flight or bus transportation from South of africa, no need bookings, just hold on! but i didnt have any.

6. bank statement.

7. accommodation reservation, i wrote random one.

i also attached my south african visa.

visa fee: single entry for a month $150

after a day i got this email, including an attachment of my evisa, visa valid for 3 months, duration of stay 1 month, single entry:

your visa approved, kindly show these below at the entry point!

1. passport 2. visa approval document 3. your itinerary (i wrote random stuff). 4. proof of yellow fever vaccination (only from infected countries). 5. hotel/information about where will you stay. 

i took the bus from bleomfountain south africa to Maseru the capital of Lesotho, at the entry point the lesotho immigration officer was so cool and warm! even let me film her for my lesotho vlog!

thanks alot from the bottom of my heart to the immigration officer of lesotho! 

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