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it was year 2011, while i was working for a private company, they invited us for work training course in beirut.

its the only trip thats not self funded! during the work training course which started every day from 9 am till 5 pm, i explored Beirut only at night! and got 2 days off days explored faraya snow mountains.

well let me goback to the main subject hahha holder of iraqi passports are eligable for visa on arrival in beirut international airport, return flights ticket and accommodations are required! magic welcome to lebanon!

i remember i had to buy a postage stamp from the counter next to the immigration officer counter to get the entry stamp.

September 2022 UPDATE:

Free Visa on arrival for holders of iraqi passport.

Lebanon removed visa requirements for Iraqi citizens!

“A decision was issued to grant Iraqis who wish to come to Lebanon a FREE ENTRY and residence visa for a period of one month, extendable up to three months, for nationals coming for tourism".
Iraqi nationals were previously required to obtain a visa-on-arrival. They have also been removed from an article requiring them to possess two thousand US dollars in cash or cheque as a prerequisite for entering Lebanese territory.

Lebanon embassy in Baghdad:

address: Al sarrafia, Al Askary Street, Building 51


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