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the Kyrgyz government decided to launch evisa service!

so in 2018 i searched in their web site to see if we are eligible to apply, but there was nothing mentioning that iraqis cant apply! i emailed them, but they didnt answer.

so i decided to try my luck, then applied, i attached my documents and paid $41 visa fee! after couple hours got the answer! trrrrrrrn...

"your visa got rejected"

i got so pissed of, so i emailed them:

when you dont give tourist visa to iraqi citizen why you let us apply and steal $41 visa fee from us?
before i apply i sent you an email to check if we are eligable! but u never answered! 

i attached all my documents and travel history, i have been to 63 countries around the world! but you simply just denied my visa and steal $41 visa fee!
its not about money, but it is about this old fashion mentality that think everyone from iraq is a bad person! what racist person you are! 
shame on you to listen to stereyopes! 

this is not a good way to promote tourism in your region.
i would be more than happy to know whats the reason for deny my visa?
why you dont want people to see your land!

surprisingly they answered me hahahha 

Dear Applicant, the reasons of rejection is not explained. According to the Kyrgyz Republic legislation You are eligible to reapply for visa after 1 year period. You have been informed before applying, that there is no refund in case of rejection of e-visa.

Later on, they updated their website and wrote that iraqis are not allowed for the e-servise! kindly check their website for up to date information:

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