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summer 2017, while trying to get south african visa! after come and go, the south african embassy in amman jordan told me the only way to get south african visa is by showing up in person at their embassy in amman! 

and to go their, first i have to get a jordanian visa! whaaaat! so i jumped into a random agent, and applied through them for a jordanian visa, there are two types of jordanian visa!

cheaper one by traveling only with royal jordanian, while the other one is free to choose your airline but then double the price! also there are express service too within 3 

the requirments were basic, i mentioned my visit purpose to get south african visa, after couple days i got the evisa! once i landed in amman, i had to pay for postage stamp extra! no more questions by the immigration officers but they were so serious looking probably because many tourists visit their country! 

i headed directly to the south african embassy, later explored jordan hhahahha petra, the dead sea and aqaba along with a cool couchsurfer!

September 2022 UPDATE

iraqi citizens who are on medical trip to Jordan, eligible for Visa on arrival if they are on Medical trip,

still have to pay visa fee on arrival.

Men who are over 50 years old or below 15 years old,

while Women for all ages.

iraqis who live abroad, OR who have valid Schengen or US visa, OR who visited before to complete their medical treatment,

two relatives can accompany the patient, but they should be first degree relatives.

Jordanian Consulate in Erbil:

tel: +9647508114442 / +9647714444777


Location: House No. 713-715/ Dream City

Jordanian Embassy in Baghdad:

address: International Zone, Dijlah Compound, Villa 3

tel: 07812777667 – 07808644809

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