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my childhood dream was to visit japan, and i never thought i would have a chance to experience it by my naked eyes!

it was year 2015, a good friend of mine told me about the opportunity to get a japanese visa, but it will cost a fortune hahahah the most expensive visa ever! i was like whaaaaaat! its too much!

anyways, i started to work extra to save more, when i was ready, i said its time to apply!

according to the requirements, i had to be a member of the chamber of commerce!

so i prepared my papers and then applied, after a while i got my membership, yesss!

then prepared the other requirements, beside the membership support letter, i attached my work support letter, my bank statement, personal photo and visa application, along with my passport, then handed it to a friend to take it to the japanese embassy in amman jordan! remember the visa costed so much, because it was in jordan! it took forever!

after awhile, magic! i got the visa sticker in my hand! single entry valid for 3 months, for 30 days stay!

i flew from my home town transiting in istanbul all the way to tokyo, when i landed at narita airport in tokyo. easy smooth process, they printed a barcode and along with the entry stamp they stamped it on my passport! welcome to tokyo! yes, its realllll!

nowadays, its easier process, you can apply in the japanese embassy in baghdad or japanese consulate in erbil through designated agents, visa fee costed only $90. unfortunatly some of my country citizens misused the visa, so it became little bit harder! anyways instead of applying in amman jordan, at least now we can apply in our homeland!

here below you will find the link to the official web site of the japanese embassy in baghdad/erbil, with the details of the new visa requirements:

Japan Consulate in Erbil:

tel: 00964662105555 - 0662573662 - 0662573661


Japan Embassy in Baghdad:



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