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The Indonesian embassy in baghdad let iraqis apply for tourism visa. 

Single entry visa fee is $50, but remember then you have to go by yourself to their embassy in baghdad! 

While some agents do this service by little bit extra without need for your personal visit to the embassy!

i got my visa sticker within 2 weeks.

requirements: visa application, passport, personal photos, national ID, information & ration card!


This is the official website link of the website of the Indonesian embassy in baghdad, check for up to date visa fee prices and requirements:

my tourist visa was single entry valid for 30 days, on Feb 2016, i flew to jakarta, and had smooth immigration process! spent 2 weeks in the land of beauty!

Embassy of Indonesia in Baghdad:

address: Al Salhiyah, Al Sikak Qu., Sector 220 – Street 5 – Building 8

tel: 07806610920 5385155

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