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spring 2014, matching my travels date to celebrate holi there!

there are couple of visa types, medical visa, valid for 6 months with 3 times entry! while tourist visa is single entry valid for 3 months with 30 days stay!

so i got a medical report, stated that i was doing to do medical check up! plus a personal photo and national ID. i could visit the indian embassy in baghdad, but it was cheaper to hand it through an agent, it costed $120!

i flew from my home town, and open arrival in mumbai airport i passed my passport to the immigration officer, then he asked for my medical report! i showed him! and he laughed for the reason of my medical visit! he asked me u flew all the way here for this (i wont mention it hahha its so funny)! then he stamped my passport and said: Welcome to India!

i enjoyed my time in the colorful diverse india bahut shukriya for all the indians!

Local agencies do it, tourist visa cost around $150, requirements passport, photo, National ID. Processing time around a week. 

the official web site of the indian embassy in baghdad, consular section, you can read in details everything up to date right here:

Consulate of India in Erbil:


Embassy of India in Baghdad:

address: Al Mansour, Al Amirat St., Sector 906 – Street 16 – House 18

tel: 07726739642

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