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its early summer 2014! after lunching direct flight between erbil and tbilisi! and guess what! georgia decided to give free visa on arrival for iraqis! 

a good friend of mine arranged everything, and i jumped into the plane, and on arrival in tbilisi, the immigration process was so smooth, all i had to show was my return ticket! we also had to have minimum $2000 cash! but they didnt check me for cash!

after couple years, the georgian government decided to stop letting iraqi travelers in!

nowadays, georgian visa is a headache, long process. you have to get proper invitation letter and visit the georgian embassy in amman, jordan! 

but if you have multiple valid schengen visa, then your welcome to georgia with no need for national visa!

the official web site of the Georgian embassy in amman, consular section:

Georgia Embassy in Amman Jordan:

address: Jabal Amman, shmeisani, odeh Abu Tayeh Street

tel: +962 6 5603793


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