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while i was chasing for visas in pretoria, along with my german travel mate, i looked online for accepting visa applications, it turned out only 2 days per week.

so on monday i entered the Swaziland embassy and asked the receptionist for requirements, he was so rude and just node to the documents on the wall next to him. along with the visa application next to him.

so i took an application, and wanted to fill it, so i asked him for a pen, in a rude way he said no!

so i looked around and got a pen, started to fill the visa application, and then one of the requirements were a printed copy of accommodation, so i asked around for a printed house shop, and they told me its at the end of the street on the main road.

while i was busy with these stuff, i heard some muslim looking men discussing an issue in loud voice, i got closer to hear whats going on. it turned out that those are muslims men trying to travel to swaziland, and a person who worked at the embassy took $100 from each one as a bribe to get them visas. but now he doesnt answer them and the guard at the embassy doesnt let them in. 

i stood there, with the panoramic view of the situation.

i decided to not continue my visa process since those muslims having trouble and i am quite sure the embassy will stereotype everyone, on the other hand the receptionist was the only rude person i met on the whole continent hahhaha 

it was so hard for me to leave, but i said its safer to postpone than to have a denial!

see you later swaziland!

oh and after couple months, they changed the name of their country to Eswatini!

so so you one day Eswatini

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