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since i love everything about history, so as i grow up on reading lots of stories about the Egyptian history and pyramids mystery it spark inside me that one day i will experience that beauty by my own eyes. beside that we grow up on Egyptian soap opera and movies, so their culture and people were so familiar to us. 

after Egyptian visa became some how accessible, i still kept postponing my Egyptian travel for later because Egypt is so huge and so many things on my mind to tick it off so its really hard to experience everything in one go. 

its July 2021, i got suspended from traveling because of the pandemic. i decided to not postpone it anymore, its happening yes i am heading to Egypt.


1. all agents back home do it back by around $100, actually they just provide security clearance, processing time will takes around 4 days. 

2. then you have to to inform them about your exact travel date, to provide a welcome employee at cairo airport to pass you the visitor card. this service available on specific dates: Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. 2 days before your arrival you should inform them before 1 pm.

3. at Cairo airport you have to pay extra $25 for visa sticker.

4. Fly in with your negative PCR test Certificate.

5. Security clearance valid for 3 months, while visa is single entry for 30 days. 

recently visa service increased to around $200 with accommodation.

UPDATE July 2023

Egypt introduced 5 years multi tourist visa, for 700 us dollars.

it allows to stay for up to 90 days per trip in the country.

UPDATE January 2024

-Iraqi citizens who are over 65 or under 16 years old are eligible for a visa on arrival.

- Iraqis with residency permits from GCC, Schengen, UK, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Japan, Canada can also get visa on arrival.

  You need to show your return ticket

Embassy of Egypt in Baghdad

Working Days : Sunday to Thursday

Telephone Number : 07809448722 - 07710524296


Consular Section address : alamirat street, Almansour, Baghdad

Consulate of Egypt in Basrah:

Working Days : Sunday to Thursday

Telephone Number : 07800530880 - 07800530880


address : Al Baradiya, Al Rahma Hospital Street, Basrah

Consulate of Egypt in Erbil:

Working Days : Sunday to Thursday

Telephone Number : +964662603443


address : Waziran Qr., behind Ministry of Endowment and Religious Affairs, Erbil

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