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Congo, DRC

while i was in Pretoria, the capital of South Africa. its famous for been the second capital in the world with the highest numbers of embassies in the world. so i decided to take as much possible opportunities as possible.

so while i was walking around the famous embassies quarter in pretoria, i started knocking different embassies doors hahahahha

long short story, i had a german travel mate, who decided to join my journey of knocking doors hahha

so i walked into the embassy of the Democratic republic of Congo, i talked to the receptionist and asked him about the requirments! it was so simple, pay the visa fee at the bank and he will give me an invitation letter through a friend by affordable price, apply and thats it!

so i rushed to the bank and i paid $40, brought the recipe and rushed again to the embassy.

i showed the receptionist my visa fee recipe, he took it along with my passport and walked inside. after a while he showed up and asked me if i have south african residency! 

i simply said no! he replayed: unfortunatly here we accept only citizens and residents of South africa!

i asked him for a solution. then he asked his friend who supposed to write me the invitation letter.

he answered, there is a way, through a work visa! i will fly there with the permit to board my flight, and once i arrive there one of their immigration officers he will let me in! 

i stood for a while, then asked him how i get to know that officer, he replayed i have to give them my flight details so they make sure that their immigration officer friend will be on duty.

me: how much it will cost?

him: (after negotiation) $500

me: let me go to the ATM

while i was walking to the nearby ATM i was thinking about what i am doing! i reached the ATM and took out some RAND, luckily the ATM didn let me grab alot on the same time and asked me for separate withdrawl.

thanks for that broken ATM who woke me up from my fantasy hahhahaha i said to myself this is alot of money! i worked alot for this and i shouldn't let it go with the wind! sometimes in life we need someone to wake us up, and today the broken ATM was my angel guard! 

i walked back to the embassy and asked the Receptionist and his friend about the exact name of that visa so i can read online about it, he mentioned a weird name, i googled it and couldnt find anything about!

i asked him to give me any links so i can read about it, but he was confused helpless. 

the receptionist was so nice and helpful, he looked at my eyes, and said accept my apologies for making you loose the visa fee because its non refundable, about the work permit visa i dont have lots of information so its better for you to apply to for DRC visa from a neighborhood country.

thanks a lot for that receptionist for been so helpful. 

to be honest with you guys, after a while, one day out of no where, while i was searching for random travel related things on google, that DRC weird visa type popped up hahahha it was real! but sometimes its better to postpone things which we are not sure about it especially when cost lots of cash.


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