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its year 2014, my friend was traveling there and asked me to join, so i said why not, he told me to give him my passport, personal photos, national ID, and $650! wow that was alot of money and i was hesitate to pay that amount, but i worked extra to save and achieve my dream of visiting the great wall of china! the fee i paid included an invitation letter for the visa service. 

it took forever to get the visa! single entry visa valid for 3 months for 30 days stay!

i flew from vientain laos to bejing transiting in Kunming!

the funniest experience was when i land in kunming, a random city which i never thought i would access to china through it! because there was no direct flight from vientain to beijing.

when i landed in kunming, i handed my passport! the immigration officer stood up and asked me to chill on a seat. after a while a bunch of officers showed up hahahhahaha they were standing close to each others, one of them started speaking, guess what! he spoke arabic! i was shocked! and stood staring at him hahahha his voice was a robotic voice and asked me if i flew from baghdad, and some other questions. he was really nice person.

i explained all my story, and then he told me to wait. he left after a while, someone handed me my passport to proceed to catch my flight to Beijing!

thanks alot form the bottom of my heart

nowadays, or specifically since 2018 all applicants should visit the chinese embassy visa center in baghdad to get their finger prints, i think once you scan your finger prints then its fine for the next 5 years and your next chinese visas. oh and also second time visa will be cheaper.

here below you can find all the details by the chinese embassy in baghdad:


China Consulate in Erbil:

tel: +964662103902 / +964662103903


address: Gulan Street, opposite to Zaga Mall

China Embassy in Baghdad:

address: Al Masbah, Arasat Al Hindiya, Sector 929 – Street 25 – House 33

tel: 07901912315 – 07901912305 


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