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I visited Belarus during the world cup in russia!

by getting any match ticket, everyone were eligible for free visa on arrival! the document which we used it called FAN iD!

once i landed in moscow, i got a stamp, and also a piece of arrival card, mentioned on it that its eligable for both Belarus and russia! i was confused so i googled it and didnt get a %100 answer.

anyways, i tried my luck and got a train ticket and jumped into the night train! i was expecting anytime someone would stop me hahha

anyways, i made it hassle free to minsk! no border control!

so entering belarus was easy, on the way of departure, i left through minsk airport and nobody bothered me.

once i landed in moscow airport, the immigration got really confused and suspicious because i didnt have departure stamp from russia! and now i am looking for entry stamp hahahha

so after an hour of waiting and questioning they let me in! the russian immigration officers were so professional and respectful! 

for other times, or during normal visits to belarus, the procedure is totally different.

iraqis can visit easily with tour groups, while as an individual its also fine but little bit annoying.

so a Belorussian citizen or travel company should provide you with an invitation letter and pre visa approval by booking a full travel package with them (includng everything from accomodation and blah blah blah hahha), all you need is full payment and a scan of your passport sometimes also guarantee your return, you will get a soft copy of the documents, and once you land in minsk airport you give the documents and pre visa approval to the special department at the airport then you will get proper visa, after paying around 90 euro if traveling solo or 35 euro if you are in group for visa fee! i heard some young individuals got deported! in my opinion, most of the time if you have proper papers and real willing then you will get in hassle free.

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