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the azerbaijan government couple years ago decided to let iraqi citizens to get visas easily through their embassies around the world!

i applied through a good friend of mine to take my passport to the azerbaijan embassy in baghdad to get the visa sticker, it costed me $55 with no requirements just passport with 2 personal photos!

after a week, i got it back, visa sticker, single entry for 30 days!

i traveled by bus from iran overland to azerbaijan, summer 2018, at the azerbaijan border the immigration officer went through my passport and saw the armenian visa! he asked me if i traveled to nagorno karabakh region!

i said No, because according to the azerbaijan laws if you traveled there then you cant enter azerbaijan because its considered as an azerbaijan occupied territory by armenia!

well, when i said no i havnt been there, he then stamped my passport! welcome to azerbaijan!

Azerbaijan Embassy in Baghdad:

Location: Green zone, Hay Al-kindi, Quarter 215, Street 15, Building 15
tel: +964 770 175 90 09   /   +964 770 175 90 08


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