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United Kingdom

lets start with this! i applied twice in 2014 and late 2017! and guess what, got refusal both because the high level of ignorance of the british diplomatic decision makers! 

holder of iraqi passport can apply through the visa section of the british embassy in baghdad and their consulate in erbil, previously or during when i applied, after the visa interview, they would send your documents to their embassy in amman jordan.

requirments include, original passport, work support letter, bank statement, personal photos, travel insurance, flights and accommodation hold on bookings, also national ID of yourself and your family members, oh and if you have car ownership or any property, also good travel history. if you have an invitation letter then its an extra! everything should be in english, or translated and notarized! also i had to bring a DHL return envelope! and all started with filling the visa application online on their website! beside that the visa fee and expenses were alot! i mean it, alot! this embassy/consulate charge a lot!

after filling the application, you will choose a date for your interview! and after around 3 weeks you will get the answer!

in my opinion, leave the UK for your last travel destination, because of those expensive charge by the british embassy! and their high refusal rate! 

the british embassy in Baghdad:

the british consulate in Erbil:

Visa information section on their official website:

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